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Record results make March Subaru Canada’s best month ever

MISSISSAUGA, ON, April 2, 2013 /CNW/ – Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) is pleased to announce that soaring March results of 3,117 units mark the company’s best month ever. With sales up 11.7 percent over the same month last year, Subaru’s record March also propelled first-quarter results into record-breaking territory with an increase of 3.8 percent.

Most notably, the next-generation 2014 Subaru Forester arrived in dealerships earlier this month and catapulted sales to new heights with 1,003 units retailed, up 64.2 percent over last March. The BRZ, Subaru’s rear-wheel-drive sports coupe, also continued to perform well with March results up 63.1 percent above target.

“By listening to our customers, we’re able to deliver smart alternatives designed to delight more and more Canadians,” said Shiro Ohta, president and CEO of Subaru Canada, Inc. “Last year was our best one ever and we’re picking up the momentum this spring. Achieving a new all-time monthly record and momentous first quarter after a groundbreaking year is an exceptional milestone that can be attributed to enhanced product, dealer dedication and increasing consumer confidence in the Subaru brand.”


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Need a Bad Credit Car Loan? Start Online


Getting a bad credit car loan in Orillia does not have to be the chore or the impossible task that some people think it is. In fact, many of our customers tell us that they are so embarrassed by their bad credit situations that they have been hesitant about coming in to apply for a car loan.

We have one thing to tell our customers with bad credit: come on down; you won’t be disappointed!

We offer bad credit car loans in Orillia for our customers that need them. And if you think you’re alone with your bad credit, you’re not. Many of our customers have bad credit and are still able to get affordable car loans for cars that will last for years to come.

Whether you are shy about your bad credit or not, one of the most convenient and easiest ways to get your bad credit car loan is to start by completing a credit application online. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you want to get started with your credit application online:

First, visit the section of our Web site where we have the credit application. This is a secure section of the site, so you should feel comfortable inputting your personal information without worrying that it will get stolen online. Of course, if you do not want to complete the online application, you’re also welcome to visit us in person to fill out a credit application at the dealership.

Next, you’ll need to speak with a lender about options that are available to you. Even if you have bad credit, we work hard to make sure that you have several loan options to choose from so that you get the best possible loan for your needs. We’ll discuss your options after we review your credit application. If we receive your application over the internet, we’ll contact you to discuss these options.

Choose the right option for you. After speaking with a lender about your options, you’ll have a clear picture of what your budget is and you’ll have an easier time finding the right loan for your needs. Therefore, we recommend that you tell the lender everything that’s on your mind when you apply for your loan and have your initial meeting with the lender.

To get started applying for your car loan in Orillia either online or in person, contact Davenport Subaru, you Collingwood Subaru Dealer today! We’re also eager to help our customers get the right car for their needs.

3 Ways to Pay for Your Car


If you are like many of our customers, then money is a very important consideration when it comes to buying a car. Money will not only be required to help you purchase the car, but you’ll also need to have money in order to operate the car. We understand these needs that our clients have and have developed a list of ways that our clients can more easily pay for their cars – even if they have a limited budget.

Here are three ways that you may be able to pay for your car:


Many dealerships, like ours, offer competitive financing to help their customers afford their cars. Financing means that dealers offer a loan to a customer for the purchase of the car. The loan may be repaid over a period of several years. However, customers will have to make monthly payments on your car loan in Orillia, which are usually rather low and affordable.

Each customer will have a unique financial situation, so a good dealer, like us, will sit down with each customer in order to work out a unique financing deal that suits the customer’s needs and lifestyle.


We offer trade-in options for our customers that currently have vehicles. A trade-in option allows our customers to trade their vehicles into us for money off of the purchase of their new orused cars in Orillia. Even if our customers have old cars that they think has now value, they might be surprised by how much money we are able to take off of the price of their new vehicle in exchange for the trade-in.


We also offer car leasing in Orillia, which is very popular for many of our clients. A leasing option basically means that our customers will “rent” or lease their car from us. In exchange, we will handle the maintenance of the vehicle for them. Leasing usually is more flexible than buying a car, so it may be a good option for our customers that are not ready to make a long-term commitment.

Contact Davenport Subaru today for more information about how you can pay for your next car.